The Process

BHB Builders, LLC is not your typical custom home builder. We are a builder with a group of plans, features and designs that we have handpicked based on traditional needs of families living in the North Carolina coastal area.

Whether you come to us with your own plans or select one from our selection we will meet with you to discuss your needs and how we may help.

We will show you the floor plans and renderings, or photographs if they are available. We will then help you select the right house plan for your needs, for the property site and the community that you are moving to. Once this is all completed, we will then begin the construction process. Your new home will be ready within a matter of a few months, and we will then look forward to calling you neighbor. This is a general overview of the process scenario that we generally come up with. Occasionally, we are presented with something outside of our normal chain of events, in that event, we are flexible and will work the process to best suit your needs.

We appreciate you visiting our home building website for the greater Brunswick County area. If you have any questions or needs that we may help you with right now, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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